Which Self-Hosted Autoresponders are the Best in 2019


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Everybody talks about how fantastic email marketing is. And it’s true.

Building a massive list in your niche and running decent email autoresponder campaigns can generate huge revenue.

However, they often don’t tell you about some of the major problems you’ll eventually face as your list gets bigger.

Rising cost per subscriber

Usually, when you’re starting, you’ll invest in an autoresponder service like Aweber, Mailchimp, or anyone of the other popular cloud-based services. There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s a wise choice since they’re affordable, convenient, and easy to use. You probably end up paying a relatively comfortable $10 – $20 monthly fee to start building your list and marketing to them.

The problem is, once your list starts getting bigger, so does the monthly cost. And you can quickly find yourself paying well over $100 every month when your subscriber numbers pass the 10 000 mark.

Having full control over your assets

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people losing their incomes overnight. Some of them had their YouTube channels shutdown, others had their Facebook pages, or Instagram accounts banned. What they all had in common was building their ENTIRE business on other people’s property rather than their own.

So it’s better to invest in hosting and building a website which you control. And not rely on social media properties that can get banned without warning.

The same applies to your email list.

“without warning your account’s gone”

Let’s say you’re an affiliate marketer who’s worked hard at building a profitable list with well over 100 000 subscribers. You wake up one day to find that your web-based autoresponder service has disabled your account.


Because they don’t cater to affiliate marketers with their service, so without warning your account’s gone.

They never explicitly told you this when you started with them, and you even know some other affiliates using their service with no issues. But it doesn’t matter. You’re banned.

Just like that, you’ve lost your entire list with no way of logging in to your account to export them.

Now, I’m not saying you should avoid web-based email services. Not at all.

However, if:

keeping your costs down


having peace of mind, knowing your email list is entirely in your control

is a priority to you, a self-hosted autoresponder is what you need.

With self-hosted email marketing software, you’re in full control of your list. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg every month.

Usually, you only pay a one-time upfront fee for the product, and then install it on your web hosting server. And, it’s yours to use forever.

You install it on your web server, so you retain full access to your email list and data. And maintain complete control over your autoresponder campaigns and requirements.

The ideal option if you’re scared of losing access to your subscriber list and are tired of the increasing monthly costs of web-based services.

In this article, I’ll quickly show you the best self-hosted email marketing software currently available on the market.

#1 Sendy – The Best Self-Hosted Autoresponder Software

The Sendy logo, featured here as the number one self-hosted email marketing software

Sendy is currently the top self-hosted autoresponder software on the market.

It’s simple interface and easy to follow setup guide makes it a joy to use. And immediately after setup, the software works as you’d expect. I haven’t experienced any bugs so far.

You’re able to send thousands of emails to your subscribers for a fraction of the cost while enjoying excellent inboxing rates.

And of course, you have full control over your list and data.

Here are some of the critical features of the PHP-based Sendy that makes it the best self-hosted autoresponder.

Amazon SES

“…leveraging the authority, reputation, and good standing of Amazon

Most self-hosted email marketing applications use your server’s SMTP functions to send out emails. Although this isn’t a bad thing, setting this up incorrectly causes significant problems with your overall deliverability.

While Sendy does let you use any SMTP service of your choice, they are integrated with Amazon SES to send out all your emails.

Using Amazon SES makes a big difference because you’re now leveraging the authority, reputation, and good standing of Amazon when sending out emails. Meaning you get excellent inboxing and deliverability as a result.

Dirt Cheap Email Costs from Day 1, Even if You’re Sending Huge Volumes

Although this does tie in with Amazon SES, it is a big enough benefit to list on its own.

Here’s the deal. If you’re going to send 10 000 emails, it can easily cost you a few hundred dollars with some of the popular subscription-based autoresponders.

Sending 10 000 emails with Sendy will cost you $1.

I can’t make it any more explicit than that. That’s a huge cost-saving.

Segmentation and Reporting

A problem a lot of self-hosted autoresponders have is their lack of features; features you’d expect from autoresponder software in 2019.

With Sendy, you’re getting detailed demographic and engagement reports on your subscribers’ interactions with your autoresponder campaigns.

You can also see more insightful data too. For example, you can see who opens your emails the most, and the subscribers who click the most links.

At first, this doesn’t seem too important. However, you can use this report data to create segments from your subscribers, for more targeted email autoresponder campaigns and better conversions.

Some other benefits you’ll see when using Sendy:


Why their GDPR features ensure you’re always compliant with new regulations


How full list & subscriber management lets you quickly add and remove subscribers in bulk


Why using their white label allows you to effortlessly offer email autoresponder services to clients for an additional income


How automatic handling of complaints and bounces gives you hassle-free list management to maintain a good sending reputation


Why implementing their custom fields for segmentation and tagging will lead to more conversions


How being able to import lists without re-confirmation means you retain all your subscribers

If you are ready to switch to a self-hosted autoresponder, look no further than Sendy.

Getting excellent delivery right from the start when sending thousands of emails is worth the cost alone.

And, speaking of costs, you’ll end up saving a fortune every month.

Of all the self-hosted autoresponders I’ve researched so far, only Sendy is worthy of making it onto this list.

Some are too basic, with hardly any features. While others are too clunky to get set up.

However, if Sendy doesn’t feel like the right option, check back occasionally. I’ll keep this article up to date update with more options as soon as I come across other reliable self-hosted email autoresponders.

As Sendy is currently the best self-hosted email marketing software available, you can click on the button below to check them out.

You’ll see all the available features, other users’ feedback, as well as being able to grab it at its lowest price if you like what you see.

If you are in the market for a self-hosted autoresponder, it’s a no-brainer. Sendy is currently the best, and at such a low price, it’s well worth it.

If not, take a look at some of the other top-rated autoresponders here.