How to Choose the Best Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing


Your autoresponder is up and running.

Your opt-in page is looking good, and you’ve created the ultimate email follow-up sequence for a hot affiliate campaign that pays out a juicy commission.

You turn on the traffic, and your subscriber count is growing… rapidly.

The first affiliate sales start pouring in and then… An email.

It’s from your autoresponder company.

Your account’s just been shut down for violating their terms of use.

You see, they don’t allow affiliate marketing. They didn’t tell you that when you signed up but it’s too late now. Your opt-in page, follow-up sequence, and your email list is gone.

You’ll have to start again…

Yes, my friend, this happens.

When choosing the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing, there are some crucial things to consider and mistakes to avoid to ensure the above scenario doesn’t happen to you.

Let’s take a look.

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What to look for in an autoresponder that’s best suited to affiliate marketing?


The biggest mistake most affiliate marketers make when starting out is choosing an autoresponder that’s not affiliate friendly.

Autoresponder companies like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign don’t like affiliate marketing. They’ve even gone as far as to mention in their T’s and C’s that their services aren’t meant for any form of affiliate marketing.


Why don’t they like affiliate marketing?


Well, they generally associate affiliate marketing with prioritizing making a profit over providing value to email subscribers.

This is mostly due to a few “bad” marketers who spam their email lists with affiliate links and offer no positive value and engagement in their mails.

This results in complaints from the subscribers, which ultimately affects the reputation and delivery rates of the autoresponder company.

Unfortunately for affiliate marketers, this means it’s a case of being guilty by association. And while you can attempt to use these companies to run affiliate campaigns, there’s a good chance you’ll end up getting your account shut down.

So it’s not worth the risk.

Another risky mistake to avoid


Another mistake affiliate marketers make is choosing an autoresponder company that’s relatively new and not well known in the industry.

These companies may mean well and have the best of intentions, but unfortunately most end up closing down without warning due to a variety of factors which could include:

  • Underestimating the costs and resources required to maintain a professional email service
  • Unknowingly allowing spammers to use their service and not having the quality control in place to identify and remove them. And as mentioned earlier, these spammers affect the overall delivery rates of the provider.


Which brings us to the next vital factor to consider when choosing an autoresponder company… Deliverability.


Email Deliverability


If choosing an email service provider that dislikes affiliate is the biggest mistake, then poor email deliverability is a close second.

A company with poor email deliverability results in terrible inboxing rates. So your emails most likely end up in your subscribers’ spam folders. Or they won’t be delivered at all.

And if your subscribers aren’t even seeing your emails, how do you expect to make any affiliate commissions?

Speaking of which, if you are new to the internet marketing world and are yet to make your first affiliate sale, I highly recommend you…

Sign up with an affiliate-friendly autoresponder that offers a 30-day FREE trial Here


Sign up with an autoresponder service that offers a free trial


 A 30-day free trial benefits you in a few ways: 

  • It’s FREE for a whole month. So you’re immediately saving $15-$30. Which you can rather use to invest in Facebook ads or some other PPC platform to generate traffic and start building your list.

  • Knowing that you only have 30 days free will effectively get you to take action as it will act as a countdown timer of some sort. Instead of wasting more time, passively watching course after course, you will now be motivated to get your campaign up and running before the trial ends.


And when it comes to affiliate marketing, the people making a success of it are the ones who take action.


The action takers are the successful ones in internet marketing


Even if you’re a beginner, you can set up your autoresponder and opt-in page in a few hours. Which means you can start building your email list today.
And I’m sure you’ve heard the saying:

“The money’s in the list.”

Collect an email today, and you can market to them forever.
This is especially important for affiliate marketing because:

  1. Your conversions(commissions) increase when sending your list a series of follow-up emails, gently guiding them down the sales path while building a relationship with them at the same time.
  2. You can even market other related affiliate products to them later on.

So, you know that the sooner you start building your email list, the better. Now it’s time to decide whether or not you should use a regular autoresponder company or a self-hosted solution.


Self-Hosted vs Regular Autoresponders


With self-hosting, you’re using your website hosts server to send mail.

This is great because you are entirely in control of your mailing and data.

You also don’t have any limitations regarding the number of subscribers, as well as not having to pay monthly fees as you do with a regular autoresponder service.

While being an excellent option, I’d only recommend a self-hosted solution if you have:

  1. A bit of technical knowledge and experience with web servers and email set up
  2. A top-quality web host, like A2 Hosting or Siteground

(You can get a cool discount with A2 Hosting HERE – And if you want, get a dedicated IP for just $4/month extra on their shared hosting package)

The best self-hosted autoresponder for affiliate marketing is Sendy, in my opinion.

You can learn more about Sendy Here

If you are starting out, it’s best to stick with a regular autoresponder.

Regular autoresponders are extremely easy to get started with, especially for beginners.

They are mostly drag & drop and come with step-by-step tutorials which will have you set up with your first campaign relatively fast.


So which Autoresponder is best for affiliate marketing?


Without a doubt, the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing has to be GetResponse.

GetResponse is probably the most popular choice for affiliate marketers all over the world. They have a great relationship with some of the prominent affiliate platforms like the Warrior Forum and JVZoo, even offering easy integrations with their networks.

They’ve also recently upgraded their UI, making it a lot more user-friendly and simpler to get your campaigns up and running.

You can read my full GetResponse review here.

GetResponse UI

GetResponse also comes with over 100 different customizable landing page templates. Making it quick and easy to get an opt-in page up so that you can start building your email list.


The Best Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing has Opt In Templates


Another affiliate-friendly autoresponder to consider as an alternative to GetResponse would be Aweber (Read the full Aweber review).

Aweber and GetResponse are very similar in how they work, although I feel GetResponse slightly edges them when it comes to being more beginner-friendly for affiliates.

You can read my detailed Aweber vs GetResponse comparison here


So, to summarize…

If you’re looking for an Autoresponder for affiliate marketing, you need to make sure that you sign up with a company that:

  • Is affiliate friendly
  • Has a good reputation and excellent deliverability
  • Is easy to use to get your affiliate campaigns up quickly and smoothly


The Autoresponder that meets all of the requirements above and offers a free trial is GetResponse.


You can click here to check them out and claim your free trial