The Best Email Marketing Tool for Beginners in 2019


It’s overwhelming isn’t it?

You keep hearing about email marketing and building a list. And how it’s responsible for most of the income generated in almost every business, when implemented correctly.

Yet it seems so complicated to set up.

I mean, you must first create a lead magnet or incentive for people to give you their email address. As well as creating sign-up forms and connecting them to landing pages where you’ll be sending targeted traffic.

Then you must create a series of emails that you’ll be sending to your subscribers. All the while making sure everything is connected and running smoothly.

Learning, setting up and understanding email marketing is a lot to get your head around, especially for a beginner.

And without step-by-step help, where do you even begin?

It’s a real pain because you don’t want to get caught up on all the technical back end tasks needed to get your autoresponder working correctly. Especially when there are far more important things to focus on. Like:

  • Driving traffic
  • Building a relationship with your list
  • Creating content
  • Optimizing your funnel
  • Generating sales


Getting stuck on the technical setup means you’ll be wasting a lot of valuable time struggling to get your autoresponder to work.

Make a mistake, and you’ll lose potential leads and sales from people who tried signing up to your list because of your broken opt-in funnel.

Which can lead to you spending even more money hiring a specialist to handle it for you.

Either way, the longer it takes to get working, the more opportunities you’re losing.


The other problem is knowing which autoresponder service to choose.

There are too many email marketing tools launching every year. And unfortunately, several of them are created by ‘serial product launchers’, and not reputable businesses in it for the long haul. As a beginner, it’s easy to get taken in because these product owners spend most of their resources on fancy sales pages and promotions rather than spending it on a quality service. So, you end up with an email marketing tool with poor support, terrible deliverability and chances are, a product that’s not going to be around in a year or 2.


However, you know all these problems are worth the hassle. Because it’s clear most successful entrepreneurs and businesses boost their sales and customer retention through email marketing. And it’s responsible for a large percentage of their income.

The good news is you can avoid most of these issues, even as a beginner.

Here’s how…

Firstly, make sure your choosing an email marketing service from an established company with an excellent reputation. This is crucial in this industry as your ability to land in your subscribers’ inbox will make or break your business.

And of course, it must be easy to use. Everything from navigating the UI, integrating with your website, technical setup and email creation.


So, a good email marketing tool for beginners will:

  • Have a straightforward UI so you don’t waste time struggling to find what you need
  • Be simple to use, so you can quickly do it all yourself without wasting money on outsourcing the setup
  • Have comprehensive guides and simple step-by-step instructions so you can easily follow along and learn how to do it all
  • Come from an experienced, reputable company so you can enjoy excellent deliverability and outstanding support
  • Be affordable, since you want to keep costs as low as possible when starting out. And only start scaling once your confidence and experience in email marketing grows


And that’s the reason for this article. To show you the best email marketing software for beginners I’ve found that meets most of the above requirements.

They’re all:

  • Easy to use
  • Reputable
  • Have excellent deliverability
  • Extremely beginner-friendly

After reading this article you won’t have to waste any more time or money searching for a tool that’s ideal for somebody new to email marketing.

You can confidently pick from any of my choices below for a relatively smooth beginner-friendly email marketing experience.

Let’s begin…

The Top-Rated Email Marketing Service for Beginners – AWEBER

The Aweber logo. Featured here as the best email marketing software for beginners

#1 Aweber

Aweber is without a doubt the best autoresponder for beginners.

In fact, it’s the first email marketing tool I used when I was a beginner, and I’m still using it today.


The main problems Aweber solves for beginners:

  • It won’t strain your budget
  • It makes fully setting up a working autoresponder uncomplicated
  • You won’t need to outsource any of the setup
  • It won’t take days to set up, so you won’t waste valuable time trying to get it to work
  • You won’t experience any poor deliverability since Aweber has some of the best inboxing rates in the industry
  • You won’t experience long waiting time and poor support

Aweber has all the essential features needed for email marketing, like automation, autoresponder features, opt-in forms, etc.

However, what makes them really stand out from the rest is just how accessible they’ve made it for beginners to quickly get their 1st email campaign running and learn the ins and outs of email marketing.

Below are some of the main features making Aweber the ideal choice if you’re just starting out.

  • Access to all features immediately
  • Step-by-step
  • Pre-built campaigns


Access to all features immediately


When starting out, you’re obviously going to subscribe to the cheapest option. This is natural because you’re starting small as a newbie.

This can be a problem as most other autoresponders strip out some of their main features and keep it exclusively for their clients on higher subscription plans.

However, with Aweber you have access to ALL their features from day 1, even on the cheapest plan.

This is important because not having access to all the essential email marketing tools puts you at a disadvantage. With Aweber you won’t have that higher-tier shiny object dangling in front of you since you already have it all.

And this of course means you can keep your costs as low as possible since their higher subscription plans are based entirely on the number of subscribers you have. Not on features.

Aweber’s pricing model lets you take your time in understanding effective email marketing. Once you’re learning to profit from your small list, you can begin experimenting with more advanced features at no extra cost.


Simple and straightforward from the start


When you first login to your Aweber account, you’ll immediately notice how simple the dashboard and UI is. With everything being easy to find.

This simplicity extends to every feature and process in Aweber, and you’ll find the setup of your first campaign straightforward with no confusing steps and jargon.

And this also includes the email and opt-in form creator. Just drag and drop, no coding needed.

If you ever do find yourself having difficulty, Aweber has an extensive range of resources to help you out:

  • Comprehensive step-by-step guides
  • Beginner checklists
  • Video tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Active blog
  • Extremely friendly and responsive support staff

There’s a detailed explanation and clear instructions for almost everything in Aweber, and it’s not limited to just troubleshooting. Their resources also include a ton of information, tips and tricks to take you from beginner marketer to pro.

Aweber stands out from other email services by investing a lot in empowering their clients too.

With Aweber being so easy to use, you’ll be able to comfortably do it all yourself. So, you won’t be wasting any money hiring developers to do it for you.

And you won’t ever feel like your progress is coming to a complete stop since the comprehensive resources and support will help you through every possible scenario.

When I started with Aweber, I never felt alone. And over time, I saw visible improvements in my campaigns with my skill levels improving thanks to the wealth of resources available by Aweber.

This is important because from the start, Aweber breaks down technical concepts and email marketing in general, to increase your proficiency and confidence.

And the sheer amount of support and resources at your fingertips ensures you aren’t wasting any time with frustrating setbacks.



Pre-built campaigns


This is a new feature introduced by Aweber which allows you to import and customize entire autoresponder campaigns by just copying and pasting a simple code.

Right from the start, Aweber has made 4 pre-built campaigns available which were created by their email marketing experts. These campaigns were tested and are proven to convert well.

The Autoresponder Campaigns:

  • Welcome campaign – 3 emails. Welcomes subscribers and starts building a relationship with them
  • Lead magnet campaign – 1 email. Welcomes subscribers and delivers your ‘free gift’
  • Blogger campaign – 3 emails. Welcomes subscribers, shows off your best blog posts, and promotes the product or service you’re trying to sell
  • Mini-course campaign – 5 emails. Welcomes subscribers and delivers your course content over several days. Enhancing your credibility in the process.

Simply edit the emails to match your content, and you’re ready to start building your list.

And yes, you can also import campaigns from any Aweber user that’s made theirs available.

This is a big help to you if you’re just starting since you won’t waste any time coming up with content from scratch and having to set it all up.

Using one of the pre-built campaigns will save you a lot of time and give you a clear head start on your email marketing journey.

These are email campaigns created by experienced marketers, so in addition to expecting high conversions, you can study their copy to upskill yourself for more effective email writing in future campaigns.


Using Aweber you can expect a smooth overall experience as an email marketing beginner.

The ‘technical’ setup has been simplified, and even getting your campaigns up and running is quick and easy.

This ease of use is reinforced with outstanding support and comprehensive resources to help you through any potential problem.

The resources even include valuable marketing tips and guides to increase your marketing skills.

With Aweber’s affordable pricing and pricing structure you’ll get maximum value when growing your email list to your first 500 subscribers. And you can play around with more advanced features at your own pace, for no extra cost.


Additional Aweber benefits you’ll see:


Why their outstanding infrastructure and experience means you’ll enjoy excellent inboxing rates


How detailed tracking allows you to gain actionable insights on how to improve your campaigns for better results


Why easy to use segmenting lets you divide your subscribers for more targeted campaigns and higher conversions

If you’re just starting out and ready to dive into email marketing the easy way, I highly recommend Aweber as the ideal email marketing service for beginners.

Read the complete Aweber review here

For now, I’ve just featured the best email marketing tool for beginners… Aweber.

I don’t want to just throw any old service up here, so I’m taking my time to fully explore other email marketing services to see which ones are built to be beginner-friendly and come with an excellent reputation and service quality.

Although I can’t put an exact timeframe on it, I will update this article as soon as possible with viable alternatives.

What you can do now, is click the button below to get 30 days FREE access to Aweber.

This will let you get your feet wet so you can fully explore Aweber and get your first campaign live at no risk, and at no cost.