GetResponse vs Aweber 2019: For Business or Affiliate Marketing



GetResponse vs Aweber? It seems like a tough choice especially since they have very similar features.


However, depending on your intended use for an autoresponder, you’ll find that Aweber outperforms GetResponse in certain situations and GetResponse outperforms Aweber in others.




After reading this article, you won’t be.


I’m going to explain exactly when it’s better to use Aweber for your email marketing, and when your preferred choice should be GetResponse based on my experiences with both.



However, before I start with this comparison, let me just say that both are excellent autoresponders.


They also have very similar features, and you can probably switch between using the two with little difficulty.


So, rather than compare almost identical features, I’ll use this comparison to discuss my overall experience with them.


I’ve used both extensively over the past few years, and continue to do so today. However, one of them has an advantage over the other for affiliate marketing. While the other is a better option for a small business.


Which is why I use one exclusively for affiliate projects and the other for my digital marketing client services.


Keep reading to find out which autoresponder is best for affiliate marketing, and which one I prefer to use for my client business…


GetResponse VS Aweber Comparison

GetResponse Overview


GetResponse does a great job of being able to easily create and scale your affiliate campaigns. For more information read my review of GetResponse here.

This is largely because of 3 key factors.




GetResponse is one of the most budget-friendly email marketing services available.

Aside from the 30-Day FREE trial which you can get here, their lowest plan starts at just $15 per month. This plan let’s you send unlimited emails to your first 1000 subscribers.

This is important because the low price will allow you to allocate more of your budget to testing different affiliate offers and traffic sources. A crucial step in the journey of every successful affiliate marketer.


2. Affiliate Friendly


GetResponse is generally considered ‘THE email marketing tool for affiliates”.

They openly support affiliate marketers, and even have special integrations with the big affiliate networks like JVZOO. The biggest mistake any affiliate marketer can make is choosing an autoresponder that’s not open to affiliates. There are enough horror stories on the net about affiliates who’ve had their accounts shutdown with other email marketing companies, and lost everything.

In addition, a lot of the big names in the affiliate industry are using GetResponse.


3. Easy to Use


GetResponse is very easy to get started with. There aren’t any major hurdles or steep learning curves that you need to first get over before you can get your campaigns up.

It’s as simple as creating a new list, then adding and scheduling mails.

And if you don’t already have an opt-in form, you can quickly set one up with their drag and drop form builder.


Minor Issue


Despite being tailor made for affiliate marketing, there is one minor flaw with GetResponse which I hope will get looked at. Namely, when creating emails for your autoresponder, it’s easy to overlook the “Reply-To” email setting.


You see, the “Reply-To” email is set to the email you used to sign up for GetResponse. So, if you forget to change it, your email list will see your default email address rather than the email address you set for the campaign.


This can be a problem for affiliate marketing especially if, like me, you’re running multiple campaigns, with different email addresses and personas in various niches.


It’s not such a big deal since you just need to make sure to double check that it’s set to the correct email. However, if you do happen to forget, like I have on one or two occasions, it can lead to a bit of confusion with your subscribers.



Aweber Overview


Aweber is also an excellent email marketing tool that generally outperforms most other autoresponders for small business. Especially when it comes to seamlessly integrating in your current business setup. Here’s some of the main reasons why:


1. An excellent long-term solution


Once Aweber is setup, it will continue to work efficiently in generating email leads, converting these leads into customers and growing your business.

From the first month, to the 1000th month, Aweber works without issues. You won’t ever have to worry about irritating bugs or things breaking that will slow your business down. In fact, Aweber works so smoothly, you’ll be able to concentrate on other areas of your business with peace of mind, knowing that Aweber is taking care of your email automation.


2. Integrations for Business


Aweber integrates seamlessly with most software and apps for business. Need proof? Just visit any popular business app and view their integrations. Chances are, Aweber will be listed at the very top.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, you can be sure that no matter what software your business uses, Aweber can be easily integrated with little hassle, and without the need of expensive custom solutions. So, you can be up and running with your email marketing without delay.


3. A Definite Competitive Edge


There’s a reason why Aweber is the preferred choice of small businesses that are just starting out with email marketing.

It’s a professional, budget friendly email marketing service that’s easy to setup, and comes with a great reputation, and excellent inboxing which results in better open rates.

Aweber is a solid, efficient long-term solution for your email marketing needs. And you probably won’t run into any issues using it.


Aweber vs GetResponse: Final Verdict


As mentioned at the beginning of this Aweber vs GetResponse review, Aweber and GetResponse are excellent email marketing service providers. And I have been using both for years.

However, between the two, I’d have to award Aweber as being the best email marketing tool for a small business.

That’s because Aweber really makes it easy to implement email marketing into your existing business setup without much hassle. As well as integrating smoothly with most business applications and software.

GetResponse is the winner when it comes to affiliate marketing.

It integrates with most of the large affiliate networks. And with GetResponse being openly affiliate friendly, you will be able to run multiple affiliate campaigns in various niches without worrying about having your account shutdown.

To see more detailed features, click on the Aweber and GetResponse buttons below.